Our Story

TrustBlock was founded by crypto pioneers. We are a team of early adopters with extensive experience in digital security, finance, and product design.


Millions of crypto holders around the world are looking for an easy and secure way to store their crypto assets in the real world. To feel close to them, to touch them or to show them off. We know this because we have been there, in the early crypto days. The market provided no solutions. Most cold wallets are difficult to operate, badly designed, and often poorly secured. 

We knew we could do better. Much better. 


That is why, in 2018, we founded TrustBlock. The first high-end crypto jewelry kit that is easy to use, beautifully designed, and provides grade-A security. Our aim is to cover all your virtual and physical cryptocurrency needs, combining the best features of the digital and the real world. So you can wear, share and store your crypto assets in style.


TrustBlock proudly supports open-source software development for blockchain applications. We believe in a world where knowledge is shared for the greater good. It is our mission to build an inclusive crypto community. 

Yosi Megrel Founder and CEO

Yosi Megrel

Founder and CEO

Yosi is a cryptocurrency pioneer with more than 10 years of executive experience in leading FinTech companies.

Omri Ezer - Product Manger

Omri Ezer

Product Manager

Omri is a 6th-generation goldsmith and CAD designer. He has 13 years of management experience for global jewelry brands and Yaara Designs.

Elad Kalich - COO

Elad Kalich


Elad is a professional photographer and visual creator with extensive experience in media and a life-long passion for technology and product design.

Product History

The first TrustBlock prototype was built in 2017. This jewelry kit was the result of thousands of hours of software development, digital and physical security testing, and product design by a highly experienced team of engineers. We tested every high-grade premium material for durability and comfort. We went through countless designs and even more cups of coffee.


In June 2020, the first TrustBlock jewelry line officially launched to the world. We will continue to expand our product line and add more currency support offerings.

Bring the revolution of blockchain into your physical world


TrustBlock’s design combines the best of two worlds. Traditional jewelers craftsmanship that caters to the digital needs of the crypto world.

Our customers use TrustBlock to store, transfer, or share their crypto assets. That is extremely meaningful to them.


The eye on marquise shape and the soft lines on our casing represent the factor of trust in special transactions between loved ones. Using only premium, durable materials we provide a stylish and comfortable wearing experience for men and women.

One cold wallet, multiple solutions at your fingertips.

Secure your bitcoin today


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