Which cryptocurrencies are supported?

TrustBlock currently supports Bitcoin wallets. We will be adding more cryptocurrencies wallets in the near future. If you wish to update us on your favorite coins, please contact us.


Is it safe to receive the TrustBlock wallet as a gift?

Yes! It is an excellent choice to give crypto assets to someone using the TrustBlock wallet.

As always, it is crucial to make sure that the BIP38 password and the mnemonic recovery seed kit Blocks are intact. The QR unit with the private and the public keys can be opened for preloaded wallets gifts.


Payment methods

We accept:

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners
PayPal, PayPal Credit
Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, BitcoinSV, Litecoin, Dash
Bank wire transfer


Where are my funds stored?

Your funds and tokens are not on the TrustBlock wallet, just like they are not on your hardware or paper wallet. All funds are on the blockchain itself.


What if I lose my QR keys or password Blocks?

You will have to recover the keys using the wallet’s Recovery Seed Blocks.

For more information on how to recover your funds click here.

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What happens if I lose the Recovery Kit?

You can continue using the wallet assuming the Private key and the BIP38 password are in your possession, but this is not recommended.

We strongly advise you to transfer your funds to a fresh wallet. For more information on how to transfer your funds to a fresh wallet click here.


Can TrustBlock help recover lost data?

TrustBlock wipes clean all data generated to prevent internal or external data hacking.

We can not recover your information for you. If you lose your information, it’s GONE.


Does TrustBlock offer preloaded wallets?

No. You will have to deposit funds yourself.  Click here for information on our deposit methods.


Return policy

Please keep in mind you have 14 days to return your parcel unused.

A.  We replace items if they are defect or damaged.

B.  If the wallet has been compromised during the shipment.

C.  If mandated by applicable laws of the jurisdiction where you reside in.

Send us a message and our team will process your return request.

You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs for returning your item.


How do I become a reseller?

Join the TrustBlock Affiliate Program and get a 12% commission for every purchase. Join here

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