Cold Wallet

Deposit. Spend. Recover. Repeat

TrustBlock Bitcoin Cold wallet

What is a cold wallet?

A cold wallet is an offline device for storing cryptocurrency assets. This is a necessary security measure, especially when dealing with a  large amounts of crypto assets. With TrusBlock’s cold wallet technology, your assets are completely isolated from any connection to the online world which assures your peace of mind. To learn more about our security features click here.

Wallet Blocks

Split and Combine Mechanism

The TrustBlock cold wallet contains four Blocks, securely isolated in a protective case.

Decentralize your Blocks by manually splitting the wallet case, and safe-keep them in a separate secure place.

Combine only the blocks that are required for each transaction.


– Use the QR Keys Block to receive transactions.
– Combine the QR Keys and Password Blocks to spend.
– Combine the recovery  Seed Blocks in case of loss or theft.

In every step, we’ve got you covered.


Receive and Store

The front of the QR Keys Block has your public key. A public key is a cryptographic code that allows a user to receive cryptocurrencies to the wallet. To learn more about all the options for the store and receive click here.

TrustBlock Marquise Block Case Open
Keys Blocks

Pay and send coins

The back of the QR Keys Block has your private key. A private key is a secret alphanumeric number used to send your coins to another wallet address.

For any transactions that spend coins from your wallet, you need to combine your private key with the Password Block (BIP 38). So even if someone gets their hands on your private key, they can not use it without knowing the password.

To learn more about how to make payments and send money from your cold wallet click here.

Rule #1

Never store your private key with your password!


Recovery seeds and Inheritance solution

The recovery kit is composed of two Seed Blocks. Each Block is engraved with a unique mnemonic seed that must be kept separately. Their combination gives instant access to your wallet.

For example: safely store one Block at your lawyer’s office and keep the second Block with a trusted family member. If needed, combine the Seed Recovery Blocks and regain access to your wallet.

To learn more about how to recover the funds click here.

Rule #2

They need to be kept safe in separate locations.

Recovery Blocks

One cold wallet, multiple solutions at your fingertips.

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