Password Block

BIP 38 Password

BIP38 is an advanced method to encrypt a private key with a password. Always choose a unique password that contains letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure your password is hard to guess.

Wallet Kit

Durable hardware wallet

TrustBlock wallet is the only damage-proof wearable cold wallet ever invented. The focus on durability and high-quality materials make it the perfect item to be with you, on-the-go, in any situation. We`ve got you covered. This is how: X-Ray shielded, Fireproof, Shockproof, Waterproof and Hazard proof.

Production of the keys


TrustBlock understands that the production of cryptographic keys is a very sensitive matter because possession of the private key allows its owner full access to the wallet funds.
TrustBlock never saves any digital footprint in its production process or on its servers.
For maximum security, we wipe clean all information generated to prevent internal or external data hacking. 

We collect only the minimum essential data needed in order to provide our services.
TrustBlock will never compromise on safeguarding your privacy. Read our full Privacy Policy for more information.

X-Ray shield protection

Protect the wallet from data hacking

All TrustBlock units are manufactured with Polymer Tungsten.
This is a radiation shielding, super-resilient composition. It is a physical security measure added to block all attempts of data fishing from your wallet keys. Polymer Tungsten is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.

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Identity Requirements

Data collection by payment method

One of the most appealing features of decentralized cryptocurrency markets is anonymity.

An anonymous digital identity is a key to your privacy and security. Our aim is to request as little personal information about our customers as possible, while we strive for maximum security of your data. Read our full Privacy Policy for more information.

Data collected by website contact form:
• Alias name, E-mail.
Data collected on purchase:
• First name, Last Name, Street name, ZIP Code, City, Country, Phone, E-mail.
Data collected by payment method:
• Cryptocurrency payment: Public address
• Credit card payment: Credit Card number, CVV, Expiration date.
• PayPal: PayPal ID
• Bank Transfer: Bank account details
HD wallet

What is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet?

A Hierarchical Deterministic wallet is a system of deriving keys from a single starting point, which is known as a ‘seed’. The seed allows users to easily backup and restores a wallet without the need for any additional information. Seeds are typically serialized into human-readable words in a mnemonic phrase.

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